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Pet + House Sitting Services

Leave it to the experts at North Valley Pet + House Sitting. We offer a wide range of services from in-home to out of home services. If you have a special request, just ask. We are here to help.

Pet Sitting

Services Available:

  • Pet Sitting in Your Home

  • Daily Walking and Exercise

  • Attention (during those busy times)

  • Transportation Vet Taxi + Grooming Appts

  • Feeding and Water

  • Medicine Administration

  • Cleaning Litterbox or Potty Areas

  • Emergency Care if Needed


BONUS: I take and send you pictures of your four legged family member while you are away.

                                     See our Pricing >>

House Sitting

Services Availabe:

  • Stay overnight at your house

  • Checking your house and property on a regular basis

  • Picking up Flyers, Newspapers and Mail

  • Ensuring that yard services and maid services are being performed

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Adjusting thermostats

  • Monitor sprinkler systems and plumbing

  • Trash in/out

  • Food Shopping for when you return


                                            See our Pricing >>


***Additional services are available: i.e. special preparation on day of departure, preparation for your return, mail management, running errands,  car maintenance appointments, transportation to and from the airport, getting carpets cleaned, coordinating home maintenance and repair contractors, and overseeing home improvement projects.***

Why Pet Sitting is Best for Pets.

1. Kenneling can cause a tremendous amount of stress on your animal and exposes your pets to illnesses and parasites from other animals.

2. Relying on friends, family and neighbors to care for pets can cause you worry and potential resentment from them. It is best to pay a professional rather than impose on family, friends and neighbors.

Professional, insured carers make sure your pet is well care for and has a vacation as great as yours!

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